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Orlando International Airport's Wildlife Hazard Management Program
Part 139.319 Aircraft Familiarization:  Airbus A330-300
Ramp Safety Series: Lesson Two - Driving On The Airfield
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Part 139.339 Airport Condition Reporting (NOTAMs)
Part 139.339 Airport Condition Reporting (NOTAMs)
It is the airport's responsibility to report any condition that might affect the safety of aircraft using the airport. This video defines NOTAMs, discusses the purpose and conditions for issuing a NOTAM, and friction measurement testing and reporting. This training is an overview of Airport Condition Reporting/NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) issuance procedures as discussed in FAR Part 139.339.
Related Document(s):  AC 150/5200-28
Release Date: 04/05/2016
Duration: 12 min
ATSI Test Status:  Test Available
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Part 139.309 Safety Areas
Part 139.309 Safety Areas
FAA regulations require airports to provide safety areas beyond the surface of each runway and taxiway, in the event an aircraft undershoots, overruns, or veers off the surface. This video reviews important elements from Part 139.309 Safety Areas. Also, it provides an overview of runway and taxiway safety areas, Runway Protection Zone, Object Free Area, and Precision Object Free Zone.
Related Document(s):  AC 150/5300-13
Release Date: 02/05/2016
Duration: 8 min
ATSI Test Status:  Test Available
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Inspection, Delivery and Acceptance of a New ARFF Vehicle
Inspection, Delivery and Acceptance of a New ARFF Vehicle
See tips on how to write specifications for a new ARFF unit as Retired Chief Duane Kann of Orlando International Airport visits Rosenbauer's factory. You will see how these vehicles are made and how the final inspection is conducted.
Related Document(s):  Guide Specifications for ARFF Vehicles
 Painting, Marking and Lighting of Vehicles Used on an Airport
Release Date: 01/13/2016
Duration: 7 min
ATSI Test Status:  No Test Available
Tape Number: 1537-1601
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Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting
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