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Blue Lightning Initiative – Human Trafficking Awareness

Produced by the Department of Transportation, the Department of Homeland Security, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, this human trafficking awareness training course ...

Duration: 26 min

Airport Administration

Human Trafficking Awareness

The United States is ranked third in the world among countries of origin for trafficked persons, and up to seventy percent of victims will pass through an airport during ...

Duration: 12 min

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Airport Administration

Human Trafficking Prevention at Airports

What if you could help prevent a horrible crime that frequently happens at our airports? The crime you ask? Human Trafficking. Trafficking is modern day slavery. The ...

Duration: 13 min

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Airport Administration

Module 7 Part 139.311/319 Airport Familiarization - Marking, Signs, and Lighting

Understanding the purpose of and the requirements for airfield markings, signs and lighting is an important element of airfield safety. This video will help you identify ...

Duration: 31 min

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